Introducing StarkDeFi

2 min readApr 20, 2022

It's about time isn't it :) ! We would formally like to re-introduce StarkDeFi on medium.

What is StarkDeFi?

StarkDeFi is a DeFi hub offering comprehensive DeFi solutions through the Decentralized ZK-Rollup on StarkNet’s L2 Network over Ethereum.

Our team comprises of a diverse group from around the world! This group of innovative blockchain developers and enthusiasts have gathered an immense amount of experience in the industry as well as developing blockchain solutions over the years.

Our aim is to ease users into the new chain (StarkNet) and provide DeFi solutions which encourage mass adoption and improve trust.

Our Offerings

As we look to improve the experience of users and ease them into a whole new ecosystem, we are providing users with our core products and added utilities to make transition into this ecosystem an easy one.

Our offerings include:

  • AMM (Automated Market Maker) - Trade crypto assets on StarkDeFi in a permissionless way and at affordable costs using the secure Starknet network. Users can also add or remove liquidity at their convenience at no extra cost
  • Limit Order Protocol - Automatically execute buy/sell orders when an asset price reaches a predetermined price (specified by the user)
  • Synergy Pools -Earn increased rewards by staking either stablecoins or StarkDeFi’s native token $SDC in a pool
  • Yield Farming - Put your crypto assets to work and receive lucrative rewards by staking tokens on the StarkDeFi platform. (The more you stake, the more you earn!)
  • Staking Pool — Earn xSDC when you stake $SDC (1:1). xDC is a tradable asset that can also be used within the Starknet ecosystem
  • Liquidity Locker - Lock liquidity on StarkDeFi to earn and build community trust across the broader StarkNet and Ethereum communities
  • Launchpad - Create successful projects and easily raise funds through the StarkDeFi Launchpad. (Note: Token projects have a higher chance of succeeding if they lock their liquidity using StarkDeFi’s Liquidity Locker)*
  • Mint - Easily generate randomized NFT collections or mint your own custom tokens on StarkNet with the click of a few buttons!
  • Quests - Predict crypto market movements or play lottery games at minimal cost to earn lucrative rewards

What’s Next for StarkDeFi?

  • Release whitepaper, documents & tokenomics overview.
  • Partnerships / Advisors
  • Audit contracts.
  • Mainnet Alpha release

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StarkDeFi is a permissionless and trustless hub of comprehensive Defi solutions built to leverage the Decentralised ZK-Rollup on StarkNet’s L2 Network over Eth