2 min readFeb 8, 2023

StarkDeFi Tokenomics

The purpose of our tokenomics is to enhance our services and build upon our storytelling and narratives with financial and non-financial incentives. While the token provides value to the ecosystem, our services would work without one. The token design is focused on creating flywheel effects for users and protocols who take part in our ecosystem. StarkDefi’s role is as an open system within Starknet, creating value for those who connect to it. It is with this in mind that the tokenomics have been designed.

Our role within the Ecosystem…

StarkDeFi is a suite of DeFi solutions carefully curated to simplify, secure and eliminate the daunting tasks of exploring, understanding and using DeFi products fragmented across chain. The protocol is designed as an open-loop, value creating system, built to create value not only for its native users, but for the larger STARK ecosystem. This perspective is reflected in our products and the idea from the beginning has been to create a hub where Starknet users and founders can find their way into this quickly developing chain, and where the existing protocols being built on Starknet can expose themselves to users and increase their value offering through the products our hub provides.

Central to this hub of flywheel effects is the $SDC token; It’s the access point for all our products and with a majority allocation to the community, we hope to make Starknet as accessible as possible.

Solely Starknet?

StarkDeFi is firstly launching on Starknet, however multichain is something that is being considered. For StarkDeFi to unlock its true potential, cross chain interoperability is a must have feature going forward.

StarkDeFi Token Details

  • Token: SDC
  • Symbol: $SDC
  • Chain: Starknet
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000

In conclusion

The StarkDeFi protocol is powered and enhanced by $SDC, a native governance token. StarkDeFi’s product ecosystem is facilitated around financial incentives using a mix of trading rewards, staking, yield farming, and lots more. The $SDC token has a wide-range of use-cases that include:

  • Ability to vote on protocol proposals (i.e. governance function)
  • Usage across StarkDeFi’s staking and liquidity pools
  • Participation in Synergy pools and Price prediction models
  • Collateral in the StarkNet ecosystem
  • Use in StarkDeFi launchpads to fund new projects

The initial $SDC token distribution will be allocated based on the chart below:


StarkDeFi is a permissionless and trustless hub of comprehensive Defi solutions built to leverage the Decentralised ZK-Rollup on StarkNet’s L2 Network over Eth