ReGenesis Airdrop Phase 1

Airdrop for early adopters

3 min readFeb 5, 2024


StarkDeFi is a DeFi platform designed to revolutionize the way users interact with bedrock financial products and services on the Starknet chain. The platform product stack is comprised of a comprehensive suite of DeFi products, including a basic AMM, a limit order protocol, synergy pools, yield farming, staking pool, liquidity locker, launchpad, token minting, perps and other features. With an emphasis on user experience, security, and high performance StarkDeFi has already grown substantially, amassing more than $1,000,000 TVL in short time.


ReGenesis is StarkDeFi’s incentive programme, spanning from December to February 22, 2024. Through liquidity provision (LP) and swaps, users progress to unlock Core’s that give progressively higher airdrop allocation, and utilities that expand the programme as a whole — making the programme reward allocation increase.

To participate, simply:

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your Starknet wallet (such as Braavos or Argent)
  3. Swap or LP for points
  4. Unlock cores

How the points work

Users can earn points in two ways. First, by performing swaps on our AMM. Second, by providing liquidity to our AMM. LP’s also receive trading fees and gain a multiplier that boost the amount of points given by swaps. This multiplier is based on how much liquidity you provide, as follows:

$100–$999 = 1.1x

$1000–$4999 = 1.2x

>$5000 = 1.3x

For example, if a user swaps $100 and has a multiplier of 1.1x, he will receive 110 points.

For every $1 you deposit into any of our pools, you get 1 point, added daily.
As example, of a user has $1000 in LP, hewill be receive an 1000 points per day for that, daily.

Total Points = (Volume * LP Multiplier) + LP Point

Rewards and utilities

During ReGenesis, you can obtain 2 types of cores. Utility Cores and Reward Cores.

Utility Cores increase the utility for participating in ReGenesis. The utility cores boost the allocations to ReGenesis depending on the engagement from you, the users. More engagement = more rewards.

Reward Cores are what gives you airdrop allocation, increasing with each core unlocked.

Check your progress via our leaderboard here:

ReGenesis Airdrop Phase 1 distributes $SDC to our early user base.

Overview of SDC

The SDC token is integral to our DeFi hub, providing various functions acquired through a traditional vesting system: Vest to receive xSDC, and redeem at anytime; but early redemption carries penalties which diminish over time, reaching 1:1 redemption after six months.

We recognize that users have different needs, why we have implemented a customisable utility model. For each month you vest, you obtain a Utility Point (UP). With each UP, you can redeem one token utility. These utilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Governance,
2. Revenue share,
3. Launchpad access,
4. Reduced trading fees.

As our platform evolves, these utilities will increase in tandem with our expanding suite of products and features.

At the launch of $SDC, a limited selection of utilities will be available, expanded over time.

The ReGenesis Airdrop Phase 1 will conclude on the 22nd February, 23:59 pm UTC

Phase 2 announcements will come closer to the deadline.

As always, share your feedback in our Discord.




StarkDeFi is a permissionless and trustless hub of comprehensive Defi solutions built to leverage the Decentralised ZK-Rollup on StarkNet’s L2 Network over Eth