ReGenesis: CoreDrop

The Ultimate Incentivised Experience

3 min readDec 14, 2023
Legendary Core (Reactor)

What is ReGenesis?

ReGenesis is StarkDeFi’s incentive program which has recently just launched. It runs until the reveal of StarkPad, our launchpad for the Starknet ecosystem.

Throughout the event users earn points and level up to reach four different cores. Once you’ve achieved a new level, you’ll receive a Core in your wallet to represent your achievement. You can track your progress on the Rewards page on our website.


How to earn points?

During ReGenesis, you earn points in two ways. Firstly by performing swaps on our AMM. The points you earn equals the volume of your swap multiplied by a ‘liquidity provider multiplier’. This multiplier is based on how much liquidity you provide (See below).

>100–999 = 1.1x

>1000–4999 = 1.2x

>5000 = 1.3x

For example, if a user swaps $100 and has a multiplier of 1.1x, they will receive 110 points.

Secondly, by providing liquidity you’ll also earn bonus points: For every $1 you deposit into any of our pools, you get 0.25 extra points on a daily basis.
If this user has $1000 in one of our liquidity pools, they will be receive an additional 250 points per day.

Total Points = (Volume * LP Multiplier) + LP Point

Bonus $STRK Giveaway

Users who meet the following criteria stand a chance to win a share of 20,000 vested Stark Tokens

Early contributors who:

  • Add a minimum of $200 into any of our liquidity pools
  • Deposit must remain in place for a minimum of 2 weeks

** Only valid once TVL reaches $1.5m

** Share of tokens is weighted according to amount and duration of LP

*** ReGenesis multipliers and points are still valid

**** Vesting schedule is yet to be finalised and is subject to decisions from the Starknet Foundation

ReGenesis Multiplier

The Tiered Core system

There are four tiers of Cores:
Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Epic Core (Q Core)

As users points begin to accumulate, the progress bar fills up. Once filled, the core of the level reached is unlocked, and the journey starts for the next tier.

This is not PVP, you are not competing against each other. Cores are obtained on individual efforts and not limited in quantity.

Upon the completion of ReGenesis, all cores and their contents will be revealed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. What is the difference between the cores?

A. The value of the rewards between the cores will differ depending on which core you have.

Q. How long will ReGenesis run for?

A. Season 1 of ReGenesis will run for approximately 6–8 weeks. Community will be updated as to a final date closer to the time.

Q. How can I claim these cores?

A. We will notify users when they will be able to claim ReGenesis Cores on Flex Marketplace via Discord/Twitter.

Q. My points have not been added, what can I do?

A. If you feel like your points haven’t been added correctly then please fill out the form on our dApp or click the link here and we will apply them for you after verifying your transactions.




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