2 min readFeb 15, 2023


StarkDeFi Roadmap 2023

2023… The story so far

January started off with a bang as we delivered our Testnet launch for our much anticipated AMM.

Thank you to everyone that has participated so far. We have been overwhelmed with support by over 15K users, contributing to over 40K transactions.

We also welcomed the addition of ‘Wizard’, our community manager who brings valuable experience and professionalism to our community as we move forward and our growth accelerates.

Crew3 Quests

As many of you know, StarkDefi was one of the earliest projects to use Crew3 when we launched our campaign for Testnet roles in which over 7000 people competed. We have decided to bring the quests back for the community, however, this time to earn the role of contributor.

For us, this isn’t a race. We value all of our community members, and as one of the most organically grown communities, we want to reward users who do these tasks on a daily basis without expecting anything in return.

Roadmap Release

Q1 will see StarkDeFi focus heavily on the design and development of our Launchpad ‘StarkPad’ which aims to be the leading launchpad on Starknet.

Consulting our community has always been and will continue to be a priority as we move forward as user needs and solutions to current problems they face is something we try to address in our design and implementation at every stage.

Even though StarkPad is a product of the StarkDeFi suite, it certainly deserves its own ‘audience’ as a stand alone feature which is why we have chosen to prioritize ‘StarkPad’ as our next offering whilst circling back in Q2 to complete the Farm and Limit Order.

We believe, and judging by our communities response, StarkPad is needed in the Starknet Ecosystem and who better to deliver it than StarkDeFi.




StarkDeFi is a permissionless and trustless hub of comprehensive Defi solutions built to leverage the Decentralised ZK-Rollup on StarkNet’s L2 Network over Eth